Ashley is a hairdresser and one of her clients is my good friend. Ashley was talking with my friend about her upcoming wedding to Costi and mentioned she needed a florist. My friend told her about me, I got an email that day from Ashley and we met the next day.

Costi and Ashley have the cutest story. They met on a cruise ship, thanks to Ashley's mom, where Costi was the DJ. Costi is from Romania and they hit it off and decided to keep in touch after Ashley went home. For something like two years they had a (very) long distance relationship and then Ashley went to spend a few months in Romania. They got engaged and a short time later, Costi was headed for the U.S. Because of all the red tape that acquiring the proper visas entails, it made the most sense to have a quickly planned courthouse wedding. Even though it was not a traditional wedding, Ashley wanted it to be just as special and she had thought through all the details.

The wedding colors were yellow and gray.

I used baby's breath, yellow roses, white roses and white wax flowers for Ashley's bouquet.
I wrapped it in silver ribbon and used brooches from her grandmother who has passed away as embellishments and to add some sparkle.

Ashley looked absolutely beautiful!

She surprised her parents with a corsages and boutonniere.

They are just so cute!!
I love the vintage look that Ashley had.

Congratulations Costi and Ashley!
It was an honor to be part of your wedding day.
I wish you a blessed life together.

photography by Ashley Seanez Photography